How To Get Rid Of Smelly Discharge Naturally (Home Remedy): Smelly Vaginal Discharge Treatment That Works Faster

How to get rid of smelly discharge naturally, perhaps a home remedy that works faster is what you are looking for right now if you are struggling with virginal odour and smelly discharges. Depending on the cause of the discharge, the colour may differ from white to yellow-green, grey, red and even more.

In this article, we provide you with different causes of this embracing situation, and how to get rid of it. So let’s start by looking at some of the causes.

What Causes A Smelly Discharge?

First, the vagina houses a lot of bacteria. It also has a PH balance that supports the existence of these bacteria. At any point when the PH of the vagina is altered, the existence of those bacteria is altered. And that can change the colour, odour and nature of the discharge.

Here are four causes of smelly vaginal discharge:

Bacterial vaginosis:                

This is an infection that is usually caused by bacteria. It is escorted by a yellow, white or grey discharge with a strong fishy odour.  It is one of the major reasons for smelly virginal discharge among pregnant women. Yes, a lot of pregnant women and those with multiple sex partners are usually battling with this infection


An excessive intake of antibiotics may disrupt the balance of your vaginal bacteria, which may result in the overgrowth of bacteria, hence infection that causes vaginal discharge and odour.


This is a sexually transmitted parasitic infection that is usually caused and contracted by unprotected sex.

It is often accompanied by a greenish or yellowish smelly discharge that is usually covered with a mass of small bubbles. You may also experience itching and pain while urinating


Abortion leftovers are one of the reasons why you might experience a smelly vaginal discharge. The leftover particles may cause bacterial infection with a smelly discharge that may look brownish or yellow in colour.

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Discharge Naturally:


Boric acid

Smelly Vaginal Discharge Treatment That Works Faster

Smelly Vaginal Discharge Treatment That Works Faster

Boric acid is a natural chemical that can be found in some volcanic sites like Tuscany, Nevada and the Lipari Islands. For more than 100 years, its antiviral and antifungal benefits have caused it to remain one of the most effective natural remedies for the treatment of vaginal infections. Femmelab boric blast is 99.9% pure boric acid without any filler and can be bought here. Click here now to order it.

Apple cider

Apple cider vinegar is a great way to fight vaginal odour. Drinking a glass of water mixed with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day may help reduce vaginal odour.


Garlic is well-known to have a great antifungal agent, and some researchers have even found its antifungal properties to be very effective against Candida albicans. Although putting garlic cloves directly into the vagina may appear like the standard because of how old this practice has been, a stress-free and less invasive method would be to simply add garlic to your food.


Taking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated is another hack to reducing vaginal odour naturally. What it does is hydrate your vaginal walls which in turn, helps to reduce the vaginal odour.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another natural remedy for the treatment of infection. It helps by raising the immune system of your body which in turn destroys every yeast infection.

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Discharge Home Remedy

Home remedies for fighting smelly discharge are usually natural treatments that are easily found in our homes.

These include boric acid, garlic, apple cider and vitamin C.

However, among all the mentioned options, boric acid stands tall because it is a fast-acting treatment that kills the odour, starting from the first usage. Reoccurring BV that keeps making your vagina smell monthly is being destroyed by boric acid. Boric blast from Femmelab is 99.9% pure boric acid and that is all you need. Get boric blast now.

Why Is My Discharge Green And Smelly

Vaginal discharge has different colours that speak volumes of what is going on inside. Green and smelly discharge is often associated with trichomoniasis – a sexually transmitted infection that is caused by parasites. It is often common among women with multiple sex partners. You may experience pain and itching while urinating.

Why Is My Discharge Thick White And Smelly

This is a symptom of bacterial vaginosis.  It usually comes with a strong fishy odour accompanied by thick white, grey or yellow discharge. More of the symptoms include redness, itching and swelling of the vagina area. Always remember that one of the most effective treatments for bacterial vaginosis is boric acid. And Femmelab boric blast is practically all you need to be free. It is a fast-action solution so you are guaranteed to see results within 24 hours.

Can Fibroids Cause Smelly Discharge

Once there is a fowl-smelly discharge coming out of your vagina, it is most likely a symptom of infection.

However, fibroid treatment and uterine fibroids can cause changes to regular vaginal discharge. According to Obgyn care, it is possible to experience smelly vaginal discharge if the fibroid becomes necrotic. This would happen if the fibroid outgrows its blood supply.

Can Fibroids Cause Smelly Discharge

Is Smelly Discharge Normal During Pregnancy

It is normal to have smelly discharge during pregnancy because there is a lot of hormonal imbalance and changes. This smelly discharge during pregnancy is usually bacteria vaginosis. You really have to treat it and one way is to balance your vaginal PH.

Although boric acid is one of the most effective treatments for BV, women who are pregnant or nursing should not use it. According to doctors, a baby’s development can be harmed by boric acid. Always consult your doctor for a prescription.

What Medicine Is Good For Smelly Discharge?

If you are looking for a highly effective medication that offers you quick results starting from the first day of usage, then Boric Blast is what you need. Boric blast by Femmelab is 99.9% pure and natural boric acid–600mg, and it is usually 30 suppositories in a pack. This means you have more than enough to kill the bacteria that cause the smell. When every antibiotic fails, this should be your last hope. And it works.

We have shared different remedies you can use to end that smelly vaginal odour today. However, Boric Blast stood out among them because it acts very fast on the odour and you can start seeing results within 24 hours.

When you struggled with how to get rid of smelly discharge naturally, what treatment option did you resort to that worked for you?

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